About Me

I was 9 when I first cracked the pages of Stephen King’s Pet Semetary. That book impregnated a fear so deep inside me that to this day I check under the bed for scalpel wielding zombie children every night. That book changed me. It was my first love.

My writing has been about horror ever sense. Sometimes I’ll get a hankering for sci-fi, or fantasy, but always with horror elements. I even tried my hand at erotic horror one time in the fifth grade. Unfortunately the main character was my teacher’s twelve-year-old son, and I was caught writing in class. She slammed the black bar of censorship down on me faster than I could deny authorship. It was a hard lesson to learn, but after my brush with infamy, I had an audience for my work. Kids fell over each other to read the chapters I fed them at the back of the bus. I knew then I wanted to be an author. I was even voted most likely to become an author like Stephen King.


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